No type of floor is more traditional than hardwood flooring, and modern materials and finishes make hardwood floors a reasonable option for almost anyone. We carry a wide range of durable engineered wood flooring as well as solid. There is a beautiful diversity in character of the various species found in our showroom. You will find cherry, maple, hickory, walnut, oak and mahogany. Our wood floor finishes range from sophisticated european brushed to a rustic hand-scraped or a traditional smooth finish.

With so many options to consider, choosing a specific wood flooring product can be a daunting task without help. The staff at CDU Flooring will make sure you have all the information necessary to make a confident, informed choice. Quality hardwood flooring will serve you well for many years, and we want you to be satisfied with your investment. See our Hardwood FAQ page for more detailed information.

Whether you’re looking for the contemporary or the exotic, Carpet Designs Unlimited is sure to have something to take your breath away. With the ability of skilled craftsmen, our installation crews will transform the floors of your home or business into a virtual showpiece.